The historic pub in Muzeum Tyskich Browarów Książęcych (the Museum of the Duke’s Brewery in Tychy) is located in the cellar of an old evangelical chapel.

Surrounded by brick walls, remembering the history of the brewery, the most recent Tyskie Gronie 14-day beer is served. Here visitors can relax at the end of the tour and make a mug of unpasteurised  Tyskie, which straight from the brewery goes to the pub. The 14-day Tyskie is also available in a stylish, lockable bottle.

See how Tyskie Gronie 14-day goes to the pub  (pdf, 2 MB)

The pub is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 20:00, and Monday to Sunday. 14.00.

The pub is about 60 people and its comfortable interior creates a perfect setting for intimate meetings with colleagues and friends. Renting an exclusive pub is possible from Monday to Saturday from 20.00 to 24.00. For availability, please contact the recepion.

Cervesario and tasting workshops

Cervesario  is a beer expert and taster, as well as a guide to the world of beer. If you want to savor a full bouquet of golden liquor,  cervesario  will show you how to do it.


Cervesario shows are 7 simple steps

the art of pouring beer
beer facts
art of glass selection
art of tasting
beer styles
production, history, facts
How to recognize the defects in beer
Show time: 2h


for a group of 20 people: 1 500 PLN *
for a group of 40 people: 2 500 PLN *
* to the stated net prices should be added 23% VAT.

There is a possibility of tasting additional beer styles, during the show at 3zł / person.

The basic offer includes a cervesario presentation, 5 beer styles, perfume quizzes, beer pouring lessons, pub reservation at the show and bartending.

For information and reservation, please contact reception.

Learn more about the cervesario program.