Brewery Tour

A visit to Tyskie Browary Książęce (the Duke’s Brewery in Tychy) starts in the Museum encompassing a beer-related exhibition with a 3D cinema and multimedia attractions, a reception desk, a shop, and a pub. With the fascinating display and the guide’s story, the guests embark on a journey through the history of brewing and the brewery, as well as the rich culture of beer.

Next, the guests explore the operating brewery – which is considered both an architectural jewel and a modern production facility – from the brewhouse to the bottling plant*. The highlight of the tour is a tasting of freshly brewed Tyskie Gronie 14-days  in a historical pub. Those who would like to savour their memories of the brewery for a bit longer can buy fresh Tyskie in a stylish swing-top bottle.

Duration: 2 hours + 30 minute tasting

* the tour schedule is subject to change resulting from the functioning of the brewery

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The Museum of the Duke’s Brewery in Tychy has gained great popularity among visitors, as indicated by numerous awards and distinctions:

The best touristic product
of 2005 according to the Polish Tourist Organisation

Certyfikat jakości

The Star of the Industrial Monuments Route – the most interesting route of industrial tourism in Poland

ERIH Anchor Point
The European Route of Industrial Heritage

Opening Hours and Price List

The Tyskie Browary Książęcy Museum is open from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 20.00.  Last  visit starts at. 17.00. In the same  hours  a pub is open at the Tyskie Browary Książęce Museum.

Type of tour Normal Group > 20 people Discout*
Visiting the Museum and the Brewery
(polish language or silesia language)
25 zł 23 zł 20 zł
Visiting the Museum and the Brewery 20 zł 17 zł 15 zł
Foreign language guide
(additional charges)
ticket price + 5 zł ticket price + 5 zł ticket price + 5 zł
Książęca Szkoła Degustacji
(additional charges for tour)
ticket price + 20 zł ticket price + 20 zł ticket price + 20 zł
Cervesario workshop 69 zł 59 zł

*students, retired people, disabled people with ID cards

Special tour programmes

Książęca school tasting

This is a tour of the brewery and the museum extended by workshops, during which the cervesario, a beer expert, presents the art of beer tasting. One of the elements of this art is the technique of tasting, which allows you to discover the depth of taste and diversity of aromas. The tasting is conducted on three types of prince’s beer: Dark Mild, Red Lager and Golden Wheat (3 x 0.2l).

The participants of the tasting school also visit the brewery and the Museum. In addition to beers from the collection, the prince tasting the most recent, straight from the beer brewery Tyskie Grape 14 days at the end of the tour.

For sightseeing with the Princes tasting school you can book
Tuesday to Saturday in 10.00 to 17.00. *
Price: tour ticket + 20 zł

Have you tasted in beer knowledge and would you like to deepen it?
We invite you to the cervesario workshop.

* Visiting the Princes tasting school is designed for groups of more than 10 people. Individuals are grouped together, and if you do not meet enough people at a given time, we will offer you a tour of a classic or another term.

Cervesario workshop

Cervesario is a beer expert and taster who knows the secrets of beer and fully appreciates his unique taste and aroma. He has extensive knowledge of brewing, sensory, history and beer styles. He can choose the right beer for the meal, perfectly pour it into the right glass and give it a tasty story with a beer in the background. His show is a real treat for the body and spirit.

Beer workshop with cervesario is a proposition for those who want to taste in connoisseur knowledge. During a nearly two-hour meeting with cervesario, a beer expert, you can learn interesting beers, tasting art and beer glass and beer. Specialized knowledge interwoven with curiosities will make you a true beverage expert!

Cervesario shows are 7 simple steps:

1. the art of pouring beer
2. beer facts
3. art of glass selection
4. The art of tasting
5. beer styles
6. production, history, facts
7. how to recognize the defects in beer
For groups of 15 people and more the evening of the workshop to determine. Please contact the reception. For individuals, workshops are held every third Friday of the month at 4 pm. 20.00. The cervesario workshop combined with the visit of Tyskie Browary Książęce is a great gift idea. We invite you to purchase vouchers at the Museum Store voucher regulations.

Silesian sightseeing

The guides explain brewery and brewers in gwarze and are dressed in traditional Silesian costumes. Silesian sightseeing is a trip from beer to beer along the Silesian route, dialect, ber and anecdote. A proposal not only for native Silesians who want to hear their own emblem, but also for everyone interested in the uniqueness of regional customs.

Visiting in the Silesian language can be booked from Monday to Saturday during the Museum’s working hours.

Eco Tours

For that knowledge, who is visiting! An eclectic tour is one of the most intriguing walks in the brewery, where you can see how real, ecologically sound, everyday, systematically and conscientiously. The program of the visit is enriched with technological knowledge and environmental aspects of brewing. We would like to invite all students interested in ecology and the daily functioning of the brewery.

Eco-tours can be booked from Monday to Saturday during the Museum’s working hours. Please set a deadline due to the availability of a specialist technology guide.

How to get here

Muzeum Tyskich Browarów Książęcych
ul. Katowicka 9
43-100 Tychy

Parking No. 1 – in the Silesian Flower Market at ul. Sadowej
Parking no. 2 – in the furniture market area, entrance from ul. Starokościelnej
Parking no. 3 – at the market square at ul. Kapicy


At the bus stop near the brewery at ul. Katowice, buses numbered 1, 2, 4, 36, 131, 254. The current timetable is available at

Driving from Katowice

Directions to the Museum of Tyskie Browary Książęce from the Katowice side leads by road no. 86 towards Bielsko-Biała. Then take the exit at Czułów in ul. Katowice. After about 4 km you will reach the intersection, which should be crossed straight. The brewery builings and the Museum are on the right side (about 350 m from the junction).

Driving from Bielsko-Biała

Directions to the Museum of Tyskie Browary Książęce take the road No. 1 towards Katowice by Czechowice-Dziedzice and Pszczyna. In Tychy you should take the snail down the bridge to the road no. 44 towards Gliwice. After about 2 km we turn left into ul. Katowicka, where on the right you will notice the buildings of the brewery and the Museum (about 350 m from the junction).

Driving from Gliwice

Arrival to the Museum of Tyskie Browary Książęce leads to the direction of Mikolow by the road no. 44. In Mikołów you should continue to drive the same road until Tychy. In Tychy at the fifth junction with traffic lights turn right into ul. Katowice, where on the right side of the street you can see the buildings of the brewery and the Museum (about 350 m from the junction).

Driving from Bielsko-Biała through Tychy

Directions to the Museum of Tyskie Browary Książęce take the road No. 1 towards Katowice by Czechowice-Dziedzice and Pszczyna. In Kobiór, at the intersection with the traffic lights of 928, turn left in the direction of Tychy. Then at the roundabout take the second exit to Tychy. After crossing three traffic jams with al. Bielska changes its name to ul. Katowice, then look on the left side of the buildings of Tyskie Browar Książęce and the Museum.